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Co-Founder of Beacon Psychological Services, PLLC

Dr. Daskalakis ("Dr. D") has many interests when it comes to treating patients.  She enjoys working with children, teens,  adults, as well as couples.  She also provides expert testimony to various courts in Oswego County and surrounding counties.  Dr. Daskalakis conducts psychological testing to clarify diagnoses questions as well as court ordered evaluations.  She uses cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral techniques to reduce intense symptomology in patients experiencing symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.  Her wry sense of humor and lovely personality helps her patients feel more comfortable during their journey of exploring their personal issues and improving their lifestyle.

Dr. Kathy Daskalakis, PhD

Co-Founder of Beacon Psychological Services, PLLC

As a Psychologist, Dr. Mooney has learned how therapy helps an individual recognize the issues underlying their symptoms, and how to resolve these issues by teaching new methods of coping.  Dr. Mooney believes that the answers often lie within the client, and therapy is a journey of removing barriers which results in self improvement and understanding. A safe and supportive environment is imperative in order to establish the relationship necessary for this exploration. Dr. Mooney also specializes in treating children, adolescents, and couples, integrating a systems approach in resolving family conflict.

Dr. Mooney has experience working with anxiety and depression, as well as the underlying issues which create such emotional disorders. A dynamic approach designed to increase understanding may be employed. At times, cognitive-behavioral therapy is indicated to alleviate the symptoms.

Dr. Mooney's personality and sense of humor are helpful in establishing a trusting relationship with his clients.

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Dr. Scott Mooney, PhD

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Kathleen F Pollard received her bachelors degree in child and family studies along with a graduate degree as Masters of Social work from Syracuse University.  Kathleen has also received her CASAC certification in Drug and Alcohol counseling for the State of NY, through the office of OSAS; She has had intensive training in Sexual Assault Counseling, Domestic Violence and received a certification for Trauma Informed Care. She is a strong advocate for children’s rights as well as an advocate for education.  In addition she has served as Council of Advisors for the Northeast Region of Golden Key International Honor Society for six years.  She has volunteered for VERA HOUSE in Syracuse, as well as Rape Crisis through Syracuse University for more than 7 years.  She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.   In addition, she continues educational pursuits in Trauma through Syracuse University.  She also holds the title of Notary in the Onondaga County area.  She specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Strength Based Therapy for couples, individuals and children.

Kathleen Pollard, LMSW

“Just this moment” is Maureen’s approach to therapy.  With extensive experience helping clients heal from trauma, conquer debilitating severe and persistent mental health symptoms, and improve challenging behaviors, Maureen has found the “just this moment”—or mindfulness-based—approach to best suit her easy going personality and personal philosophy, which is that there is always something to be grateful for and some strength which can be uncovered in every person and situation.

Maureen believes that, by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives.  She enjoys helping clients identify problematic Automatic Negative Thoughts which trigger emotional reactions.  Maureen considers herself to be a teacher and enjoys teaching new coping skills to clients, whether they be meditation, breathing techniques, or even how to crochet.  Maureen’s clients frequently leave with worksheets, informational packets, and “homework” to test out newly-learned skills.


Having worked closely with Family Focus Adoption Services since 2015, Maureen has extensive experience and training working with multiply-betrayed children who have experienced the trauma of foster care placement—as well as adults who exited or aged out of the system and are still affected by the grief and loss associated with placement.  She is passionate about helping children with Reactive Attachment Disorder and adults who have difficulty with trust and self-esteem due to broken attachments. Maureen is adoption-competent and understands both the lack of resources in the community for families that have finalized their adoptions and the specific challenges of being an adoptive family.  


Maureen attended the Syracuse University School of Social Work and concentrated on Community Organization, Public Policy, Planning, and Administration.  She considers herself to be an advocate for clients, and works tirelessly to advance social justice and equality for women and members of the LGBTQ community.  Maureen is Spanish-speaking and considers her ability to speak Spanish to clients one of her greatest privileges. Despite her education and experience, Maureen believes laughter is the best therapy of all.  


Maureen Bradley, LCSW

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Jennifer received an associated degree in human services at Onondaga Community College, a bachelor’s degree in Public justice from Oswego State and received her masters degree in social work from Syracuse University.  She is experienced in treating individuals in the areas of addiction, mental health, developmental disabilities, and trauma. She has received certification in trauma related care. Jennifer enjoys watching individuals grow in therapy by helping them develop new coping mechanism and changing the way they think.   Jennifer helps patients achieve access to proper resources in the community to attain their overall goals in therapy. She provides a judgment-free therapy environment, which helps secure a positive professional relationship.

Jennifer Koon, LMSW

Theresa is a licensed social worker, with a Master of Social Work degree and Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Throughout her professional tenure she has worked with adults in a local behavioral outpatient facility and adolescents in school settings.  She is a certified school social worker with a special education background trained in crisis intervention, learning disabilities, ADHD, and Autism. Theresa is well versed in the special education process regarding IEP and 504 plans, Functional Behavioral Assessments, and Behavioral Intervention Plans. While working for a non-profit agency in the Syracuse city school district, she received training in restorative practices and collaborative problem solving specific to youth with challenging behaviors.


Theresa understands how learning disabilities can at times impact one’s social and emotional wellbeing.  She utilizes sensory integration during therapy sessions through art and play therapy interventions. She takes the whole person into account and works with the individual at their pace. She is currently working on a parenting program for individuals with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


She also works with clients who hope to improve their parenting skills. She provides evidence-based parenting strategies that are useful for parents who struggle with their own mental health and/or their child’s. She understands that parenting is not always easy, and strongly believes parents can learn new skills and enjoy parenting.


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Theresa Meyer, LMSW

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Deb Vecchio, LMSW

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